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Product Name Pet Fountain
Item NO. 1462747
Weight 0 kg = 0.0000 lb = 0.0000 oz
Category Pet Fountain
Brand PawPawify
Creation Time 2021-01-06

  • Silent Drinking Fountain- The ultra-quiet pump in the cat water fountain is less than 40dB, low consumption and no heat. Quiet only the sound of water, the cat can trust it and actively drink water from it. 
  • LED Light Switch- The blue LED light attracts pets and encourages them to drink fresh water instead of the bathroom sink. The LED lights can be turned off at night, so that you are not disturbed by the lights and do not affect your pet's drinking.
  • Upgrade stainless steel- Stainless steel pet fountain is easy to clean, the round hole at the top blocks large particles of food and impurities. Stainless steel drinking trays prevent cat acne.
  • Three-layer filtration system- A combined filtration system of ion exchange resin and activated carbon can soften water quality, reduce scale deposits, and block pet hair and food particles. We recommend replacing the filter every 2-4 weeks.

7 Days Ago


It is very quiet don't even know it's on

7 Days Ago


I have 2 rescue kitties nd they love the fountain. It is easy to clean and they are getting more water via the fountain than from their bowls. The stainless bowl is easy to clean, there is no noise and I can check the water gauge to see if more water is needed.

7 Days Ago


I love that this keeps their water filtered and clean and that I can leave town for several days and know they have a constant supply of fresh water. I like the light feature, and it is really quite quiet in my opinion. The blue light when all is well is soothing. The red light lets you know it's time for new water. If your pump stops (mined did after 5 months, you can watch the easy video (I just googled how to clean my cat water pump and see how easy it is--you need to get the invisible scum off the pump blades and axis. It's easy and a good reminder to maintain the entire unit every month or so. I could not be happier with this product, and either could my cats who took to it right away.

7 Days Ago


My cat would never drink out of her bowl, only out of our cups that were unattended. Since getting this she has stopped almost completely.

7 Days Ago


We had a more complex fountain in the past. It was difficult to clean. This new product is a dream! Easy to set up and easy to clean.

7 Days Ago


Our cats love it! And it works well as a night light! Don't forget to clean the water pump filter, we did. However, after a good cleaning, it was running perfectly! I love the sound of the water flowing, it quite and calming.

7 Days Ago


My kitty loves this! The light is great and the noise level is low. Very easy to put together and clean.

7 Days Ago


Quiet, high capacity, easy to clean and a light with an off switch. I have no complaints and would easily recommend this fountain.

7 Days Ago


My cats absolutely love this! They were hesitant at first but after like a day or so they warmed up to it. They drink more water now and they also love putting their paws in it. But yeah this fountain is great, they really enjoy it!

7 Days Ago


Kitties love their new fountain; and all of us - humans and cats alike - think it makes a very cool night light!

7 Days Ago


Good product my kitty loves it

7 Days Ago


My Cats love this water fountain! It's second one from same company but different design.Month ago, pump stop working, which only has been a few month... so I left phone message to company. I was surprised someone actually call me back!!Guy named Jason, he asked for my address so he can send me a replacement.8 days later , I received New Pump . My Cats happy and I'm glad. It's great to know Company is actually stand by the product!Everyone, who have a Cats should have a this Water Fountain! Highly Recommend!

7 Days Ago


My cat, Clementine, would only drink from the bathroom or kitchen sink. She uses this fountain all the time with no problems. This is a lifesaver for me when I have to be gone for several hours. I know she is getting plenty of water.

7 Days Ago


I don’t think my cat will ever go back to the old way of drinking water ever again! I’m glad I finally ordered it. Side note: when putting it together, if the water doesn’t spout out of the flower at first, make sure you’re facing the little motor the proper way.

7 Days Ago


The daisy fountain is easy to assemble and clean. It is very quiet and looks pretty. Smokey DeBehr loves her new fountain.

7 Days Ago


Better than I expected and my 10 yr old cat loved it immediately

7 Days Ago


Excellent device for your cat to drink. It's quiet, and easy to use and clean. I love the light, and that you can see where the water level is. The reason it's easier to clean is because of the stainless steel. Highly recommend!

7 Days Ago


It worked very great, but my pump burned out

7 Days Ago


Great fountain! Both our cats love it and it keeps the water cool.

7 Days Ago


Great product!! Took my cats a while to get used to it but they love it now!